St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

Church Welcome

30 Jones Hollow Road,
Marlborough, Connecticut 06447-1141
Pastor, Fr. Thomas J. Sas
   (860) 295-0067
Deacon Emeritus John W. McKaig
   (860) 942-7961
Pastoral Assistant
   Holly Bangham, (860) 295-0001
Director of Religious Education. 
   Melissa Jordan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Director of Music Ministry
   Janice Reska
Adult Faith Formation
Youth Ministry Confirmation
   Jennifer O'Neill

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Mass Schedule

Vigil Mass ~ Saturday, 4:00PM
Sunday Mass ~ 8:30AM and 10:30AM
Daily Mass ~ Mon-Thur, 8:30AM

Adoration of the Eucharist will continue every Sunday from 4:00PM to 4:45PM

Thursday, DECEMBER 8TH

8:00AM Mass     7:00PM Mass

According to the USCCB website, the Immaculate Conception is defined as “The dogma proclaimed in Christian Tradition and defined in 1854, that from the first moment of her conception, Mary - by the singular grace of God and by virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ - was preserved immune from original sin". On this day we not only celebrate this special grace bestowed upon Mary by God, it also provides us the opportunity to explore how we use the graces God has bestowed upon us to build his kingdom in the here and now. What is your individual vocation? How are you called to serve and love God by serving and loving others?

Parish Office Hours


Hours for the parish office are:
Monday - Thursday, 8:30am to 1:30pm

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Godparent/Sponsor Affirmation

Sponsor Certificates, Marriages & Baptisms 
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St. John Fisher Parish Mission:

We provide an open, welcoming and active Catholic faith community that is inspired by the gifts of the Holy Spirit as we demonstrate our faith by (1) actively participating in Mass and the Sacraments, (2) by serving and ministering to others, (3) by exploring and sharing the Word and teachings of Jesus and (4) by openly embracing the various needs of our entire parish family and broader community in Christ. 

St. John Fisher Parish Vision:

We are a beacon of God’s gracious and merciful love as we glorify His name through service to others; devotion to His teachings and His Son Jesus; and by maintaining a welcoming, accepting and embracing Catholic community of faith that judges none, embraces and protects the vulnerable, builds community of all ages and life stages and acts for the greater Glory of God.

Knights of Columbus02DelaneyThe Knights of Columbus, Saint John Fisher council 15734 would like to invite our young community to take part in the Knights of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas” poster contest for all boys and girls from ages 5 through 14. By engaging the talents of our young people, we hope they will come to a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Christmas, and that their artwork will bring others to remember Christ in Christmas. The contest will be conducted locally with winning entries advancing through district/regional and state competitions to the international level. The winning entries will serve as the basis for a series of international “Keep Christ in Christmas” posters, with creative credit going to the artists. 

Age eligibly is determined by the age of the contestant as of November 1st . Poster must be 11X17 inches in size, If pastels, chalk or charcoal are used the poster must be laminated or covered with clear plastic. Each poster must be submitted with a Knights of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest entry form — make sure your council number is included (council 15734). The name and age of the entrant should be printed on the reverse side of the poster in case the poster and entry form get separated 

This is a fun and easy way to get our young people in your community involved in their faith. It is fun to conduct because of the opportunity to witness the creativity and optimism of the young people in your community. Entries must be receiver on or before December 18th 2022.  A prize of $50 for the first-place entry in each age group (5-7, 8-10, 11-14) and there is no entry fees!! Any questions contact Melissa and Dan Jordan 860-214-7412

Poster Contest Entry Form

OLG Logo 150Our Online Giving system now is also an App for Apple and Android products! You can download it for free in the App Store, Google Play Store or CLICK HERE. If you are new to Online Giving, register by entering our church ID of 1239.