St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, Ct 06447

Vigil Mass ~ Saturday, 4:00PM

Sunday Mass ~ 8:30AM and 10:30AM

Father Alvin LeBlanc



Mass Schedule

Vigil Mass ~ Saturday, 4:00PM
Sunday Mass ~ 8:30AM and 10:30AM
Daily Mass ~ Mon-Tue & Thur-Fri ~ 8:30AM

Monday from 9:00AM to 9:30AM

Saturday: 3:00pm or by appointment

Welcome, Visitors
For those who are visitors to St. John Fisher Church, we welcome you to our church and our parish family

Church Welcome

30 Jones Hollow Road, 
Marlborough, Connecticut 06447-1141
Pastor, Fr. Alvin J. LeBlanc
   (860) 295-0067
Deacon William Gilles
   (860) 805-5826
Senior Deacon John W. McKaig
   (860) 942-7961
Parish Secretary, Heather Mancini
   (860) 295-0001
Coordinators of Faith Formation. 
  Cindy Bryan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
        Family Faith Formation
        Grade K,1,3,4,5 & 6
  Helena Thomas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
        Sacramental Preparation
        Grade 2, 9 & 10 Confirmation
  Deacon Bill Gilles
        Grade 7 & 8
Director of Music Ministry
  Janice Reska This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Youth Ministry
  Helena Thomas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parish Hours

Monday-Thursday, 8:30am to 1:30pm
(Best to call first)

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Godparent/Sponsor Affirmation

Sponsor Certificates, Marriages & Baptisms
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  • R.C.I.A. (The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

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  • Men's Prayer Group

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  • Knight of Columbus, Council 15734

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  • Woman's Prayer Group

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SUNDAY, JUNE 9 ~ 12:00-3:00

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Van Eyck The Lamb of God Ghent Alterpiece 1432Van Eyck "The Lamb of God" Ghent Alterpiece - Painted in 1432

In the rich tapestry of Christian theology, few metaphors are as poignant and powerful as that of Jesus being referred to as "the Lamb." Found predominantly in the New Testament of the Bible, this imagery evokes deep theological significance, encapsulating the essence of Christ's sacrificial mission and the redemption he offers to humanity.

John 1:29: The Proclamation of John the Baptist

The Gospel of John opens with a striking declaration by John the Baptist upon seeing Jesus: "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" (John 1:29). In these words, John the Baptist not only acknowledges Jesus' divine identity but also foretells his sacrificial role in redeeming humanity from sin. By likening Jesus to a lamb, John draws upon the imagery of sacrificial offerings in Jewish tradition, symbolizing Jesus' ultimate sacrifice for the salvation of all.

Revelation: The Lamb Standing as if Slain

The book of Revelation provides vivid imagery of Jesus as the Lamb in various passages. In Revelation 5:6-14, a Lamb standing as if it had been slain is depicted at the center of heavenly worship, receiving adoration and praise from celestial beings. This imagery emphasizes Jesus' sacrificial death and victorious resurrection, underscoring his role as the focal point of divine worship and the source of redemption for humanity.

The Lamb Without Blemish: A Symbol of Purity and Sacrifice

In 1 Peter 1:19, Jesus is described as "a lamb without blemish or defect," highlighting his moral purity and suitability as a sacrificial offering. This imagery draws parallels to the Old Testament sacrificial system, where lambs without blemish were offered as atonement for sins. Through this comparison, Jesus is portrayed as the perfect and blameless sacrifice whose death atones for the sins of humanity, fulfilling the ultimate purpose of the sacrificial system.

Isaiah 53:7: The Suffering Servant

While not in the New Testament, the prophecy in Isaiah 53:7 is often interpreted as foreshadowing Jesus' sacrificial death. Describing a servant who is "led like a lamb to the slaughter," this passage symbolizes Jesus' willingness to endure suffering and death for the sake of others. It reinforces the idea of Jesus as the suffering servant whose selfless sacrifice brings about redemption and reconciliation with God.

The Lamb of God

The imagery of Jesus as "the Lamb" in the Bible is rich in symbolism and theological significance. It encapsulates the core Catholic belief in Jesus' sacrificial death and resurrection as the means of redemption for humanity. Whether proclaimed by John the Baptist, depicted in heavenly worship in Revelation, or foretold in ancient prophecy, the symbolism of Jesus as the Lamb of God serves as a profound reminder of God's love and mercy manifested through Christ's ultimate sacrifice.

Outreach, Service & Social Justice Opportunities

🫃🏽Baby Shower Supporting Babies and Moms

Beginning on Mother’s Day weekend, 5/11 & 5/12, we will host a baby shower for Caring Families in Willimantic. This organization provides support to moms (many times young and unwed) who give birth to their child. Supporting these moms in their decision is another part of our calling to honor the preciousness of life. We ask that you take a bottle home, fill it with coins, cash or check and return it to the Birthright volunteer stationed after Masses on the weekend of June 2.

🍞Marlborough Food Bank 
Non-perishable food, personal care items and household cleaning supplies are now accepted weekly at any Mass. Bags may be placed to the right of the altar. If there is a specific need, we will mention it in the bulletin or check out the food bank directly at

St. John Fisher Parish Vision:

We are a beacon of God’s gracious and merciful love as we glorify His name through service to others; devotion to His teachings and His Son Jesus; and by maintaining a welcoming, accepting and embracing Catholic community of faith that judges none, embraces and protects the vulnerable, builds community of all ages and life stages and acts for the greater Glory of God.

St. John Fisher Parish Mission:

We provide an open, welcoming and active Catholic faith community that is inspired by the gifts of the Holy Spirit as we demonstrate our faith by (1) actively participating in Mass and the Sacraments, (2) by serving and ministering to others, (3) by exploring and sharing the Word and teachings of Jesus and (4) by openly embracing the various needs of our entire parish family and broader community in Christ. 

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How To Report An Incident Of Sexual Abuse To The Archdiocese Of Hartford

Faith Vos Winkel, MSW
Victim Assistance Coordinator 

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