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On January 14th , I helped serve dinner at Immacare Shelter. I found this to be especially meaningful because it opened up my eyes to a reality I thankfully have never experienced. The shelter was initially a scary place for me to visit. I wasn’t prepared for the dull and sad feeling it would give me. However, I still put on a smile and tried to show happiness to those eating our dinner. 


I smiled at everyone and made small talk with some of the men. These men are used to being overlooked and neglected by society. I tried to be nice and happy and it seemed to bring a smile to many I served.

From this experience I learned that what’s going on in somebody’s life does not define who they are as a person. I hate to admit it but before coming to this shelter, I was like most people who saw the less fortunate as less of a person. I had no reason to feel this way, I just accepted society’s stereotype of them.

After visiting the shelter, my view changed. Some men were funny, some were shy, some were cheerful, while others were not as optimistic. Everyone was different in their own positive way. They were all thankful and sweet, despite not having much of a reason to be kind to me: the girl who had previously judged them based on a stereotype. 

Every single one of them showed Jesus in their hearts through their spirit. I am thankful God gave me this incredible opportunity as it opened my eyes to wonderful people I was blinded to before.


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