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Take a deep breath and participate in our Teen challenge!  Remember being in elementary school and at the end of the year you had a choice to participate in the math challenge?  Well we hope you choose to participate in our Teen Challenge!

In lieu of having our usual gathering, here are some fun things you can do from afar.  While I can’t feed you or have crazy games, we can still have some fun. There will be prizes for those who participate . . . so keep track of what you do and we will give out prizes once we can gather together again.  Most importantly know that in the most difficult times, our loving Father is with us – take the time to see God working in and among us and please keep in prayers all those working on the front lines and those impacted either medically or economically by this virus. 

Also, I just received word that the Pope has asked all people, regardless of religion or creed to take time in meditation and prayer for the healing of the world.  Think about the power of our combined actions if everyone took a moment to offer up a prayer for healing, peace and comfort.  It would be AWESOME!!!!!  So that’s the first challenge!  Join your fellow global citizens and pray for healing.

The challenge, should you choose to accept it!!


    • Let’s start with an easy one - make a paper airplane and record the furthest  distance it travels.  Only use plain white paper (no weights, paperclips . . .).  Try as many models as you would like, but keep the plane that travels the farthest so we can have our own contest once we gather.

    • Go outside, lay on your back and look at the clouds for at least 5 minutes. Take a picture on your phone of your favorite.

    • Start a gratitude journal. Write three things each day that you are grateful for. I know we have done gratitude jars around Thanksgiving, but what better way to focus on the positive than recognize what fills us with gratitude!!

    • Get out your Legos and make something! That’s right - if you want to be inspired watch an episode of Lego Masters and then get to work!! Take a picture!

    • Go outside and find two examples of Fibonacci numbers in nature.

    • If you have paints at home, watch a Bob Ross video and paint with him. If you don’t have paints, just watch the video. Scientists studied the brains of people watching Bob paint and listening to him give instructions and they found stress levels went down!!  So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy! 


  • Be kind – yes I know this may seem obvious, but being home this long can present challenges. Do three totally unexpected things today for people in your family and record their reaction!

  • Try something new – learn a new song, learn something in sign language, learn how to sew on a button, ask a parent to teach you how to check the oil and air in the car you drive, learn how to make bread.

  • Read the book of Job – ok I know we do not usually read the bible at Teen Night, but read about all the challenges and heartbreak Job faced. Amazingly, Job is really a story of faith and loyalty to God in the face of adversity!! Seems pretty timely don’t you think?

  • Watch this short video on Vik Muniz. Then go make something with found items like a collage.

  • Clean your room – okay wait before you roll your eyes – find three items you can donate to someone in need. Maybe you’ll find t-shirts or sweatshirts you no longer wear, or find some shoes that never really fit? Give items that are taking up space in your closet to someone who can use them!!

  • Take a virtual tour of the Vatican – Did you know Vatican City is the smallest country in the word? It is without a hospital or prison, but there is an ATM in Latin!!! It has its own guard called the Swiss Guard - check out their uniforms on-line. Here are some fun things to explore – check out the Vatican Flag.  What do the colors and symbols mean? Be sure to check out St. Peter’s Basilica.  The altar sits above the site where St. Peter is buried (how cool is that !!)  and the only one authorized to say mass at that altar is the Pope. Notice the dark black square on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel – can you figure out what it is?

  • Remember to stand together – hope this puts a smile on your face and makes you get up and dance!!!

  • Write a letter to someone: a grandparent, coach, teacher, friend . . . anyone that you think of that can use a smile. (Yes, a letter from you will make someone smile!)

  • Read a childhood favorite. Seriously, some of the classics still put a smile on my face. Remember Owl Moon?  How about Miss Rummphius or Make way for Duckling? One of my favorites Winnie the Pooh.  This is certain to brighten your mood or lighten your step!!

  • Go outside everyday and walk around your yard and take notice of spring exploding around you!!!

  • Try 2 or 3 of these Minute to Win It games with your family

  • Face the cookie – Place a cookie on someone’s forehead. Using only their face muscles (no hands) they must get the cookie into their mouth.

  • Defying Gravity – each player has three balloons. Keep all three balloons up in the air for one minute.

  • Bottle to bottle – Fill one 2-liter bottle with something (cereal, jelly beans, beans, etc.) then tape to another 2-liter bottle – players have to transfer all from one bottle to the other.

  • Suck it up – Place a straw in your mouth and use suction to transfer a pile of 25 M & M’s, Skittles or jellybeans from one place to another in under one minute. Eat your candy when the round is finished

  • Stack it Up - Each person must stack 36 cups. Players have a minute to stack 36 cups in a pyramid, take them down in a diagonal fashion, and then reverse stack them back to the starting position (stacked all together). If the pyramid tower falls at any point, you must start over. Whoever completes this first wins!

  • Penny for your thoughts – each player must stack 25 pennies in under a minute using just one hand.

  • Name dropper – variations on a theme. Name as many of the following in 60 seconds:

Celebrities first round general, then break into categories

musicians, athletes, talk show hosts




Musical groups

Books in the Bible

  • Roll the Dice – Each contestant has a pair of dice and a partner. Participants roll the dice as many times as they can in a minute, while the partner adds up the total for each roll.  The highest combined total wins.  
  • Swish – go to the recycling bin and grab the newspaper. Each team makes 25 paper balls. Set up two small wastebaskets.  See who can hit the most shots in a minute.  Second round, take a step back every time you make a shot.

  • A Quarter Stuck in Teeth- The goal of this game is to get a quarter caught in the teeth of a fork. Participants will place a fork upside down on the end of a table, with the teeth facing them. When the timer starts, you have a minute to try and roll a quarter across the table and into the teeth of a fork. The farther the distance, the harder it is!

Remember to try to relax, be patient with yourself and others and know that we walk this journey together with Jesus.  Keep the words of Joshua close to your heart and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers:

“Remember the words of Joshua:  “Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  ~  Joshua  1:8-9

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