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Weeds are pernicious things. When they first grow, they have adapted themselves to look like plants we like. For example, in my own garden, I can't tell the difference between portulaca and purslane when they first start sprouting. Besides that, the things we consider weeds are often used by other cultures in cooking, medicine, or as decorations. For example, dandelions are used to make wine, vinegar, cooked greens, and pretty bouquets picked by little children for their mothers. And the aforementioned purslane is really a succulent herb. Who knew? One person's weed is another's plant. Now, crabgrass is another story, (but at least it leaves the yard looking green!)

Everything growing in a garden has to mature at least somewhat before we can decide whether we continue to let it grow or pull it out. And that takes patience and discerning judgement.
God is a Master Gardener, giving life to all types of people in God's vineyard, field and garden. God is lenient, clement, and patient with us, letting us grow, mature, and bear whatever fruit we can. If God is patient with us, why can't we be so with each other? Instead we are quick to judge and to cast aside.
Who knows? In our haste we may have cast aside an herb in disguise or a future flower that will delight.

-Fr. Sas, July 2o Homily
16 Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

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