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Close your eyes for a few moments and remember some of your happiest times.  My guess is that most of those moments, if not all of them, involved someone else. At our core we are social creatures.  At the very beginning, God proclaimed that it is not good for man to be alone. Those who seek constant solitude are labeled as uloners" and judged as being at least a little bit strange or eccentric. Many punishments involve separating someone from others, such as the solitary confinement of a prisoner, or the dreaded silent treatment by someone significant. Part of the pathos in the Neil Diamond song uI am I Said" is that uno one heard at all" his cry that his existence be acknowledged.  And Dante's vision of hell is not one of fire but one of ice which encases and keeps people separate and unable to communicate.

All of this simply points out what we already know: relationships are extremely important in our lives. They form us, help us discover who we are, affect our moods and our perception of self.  But, why?
I believe the answer is to be found in the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity.  God is Father, Son, and Spirit.  No matter what else this might mean or how philosophers and theologians try to explain it, the Trinity is ultimately about relationship.  Now if relationship is what God is about, it is no wonder that we- created in Gods' image-are also essentially about relationships.  What perhaps is even more astounding is that these relationships are not just among the persons of the Trinity or on our part with other persons, but also include relationships between God and humanity.  Imagine that...the omnipotent God wants a relationship with us!
So if anyone should ever ask you to explain what the mystery of the Trinity is about, say it's all about one word: "relationship."


-Fr  Sas, June 15 Homily  
The Most Holy Trinity, Year A

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