St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe C22

As we celebrate this Feast of Christ the King, we take a look at his kingdom, a strange kingdom, far different from those about which we read in history books, legends, or fairy tales.

Jesus did not act like a king in his life on earth. He never compromised his beliefs to enter into alliances with the political or religious leaders. He entered the royal city of Jerusalem on a donkey, not a strong, swift war horse. His inner court was made up mostly of fishermen, not consultants who would have him to tone down his message to raise his chances in their opinion polls. And finally, he died a shameful death, hanging on a cross between two criminals after a mockery of a trial.

In his kingdom there is no room for domination, violence or economic exploitation. While his kingdom is not of this world it is still in this world. His subjects have a role to play in human affairs in the struggle for the ideals of truth, justice and peace. His rule encompasses not geographic territories but human hearts that have not been conquered but have willingly welcomed him. Its boundaries are determined not by force but by faith. 

Unlike earthly monarchs who are crowned, enthroned and then reign until they die, Jesus’ reign began at the moment of his death. Crowned with thorns, cloaked in a purple robe, and enthroned on a cross, his reign continues forever because of his Resurrection. He never led an army but nonetheless fought an all-out war against sin, evil, and death; and, he shares his victory with grateful sinners who receive mercy, forgiveness and eternal life from and through him. We should be proud to be part of such a Kingdom for we are required to do only one thing to be considered a citizen, live unselfish love.

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