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What is your idea of heaven?
Does it include sunshine, gentle breezes, and a beach? Or, is there snow, a half-pipe, and a skating rink? Does it include an endless buffet of your favorite food and drinks?
What's wrong with this perception of eternal life? For the most part it involves a lack of imagination. This concept of eternal life merely magnifies what we know and enjoy. That certainly is understandable. After all, this way of living is all we have to go on.
What is faith's idea of eternal life?
Jesus teaches that those who have gone through death to resurrected life are transformed. They are no longer subject to the limitations of this world and live a new life in God.
Faith believes that all life, whether here or hereafter, fundamentally consists in a relationship with God, a relationship that is eternal because God is eternal. Death may put an end to a physical and familiar existence, but it cannot destroy that relationship. Our belief in the certainty of eternal life is not based on wishful thinking but on the fact of God's eternal love.
There is a second belief as a corollary  to the first one: that the relationship among us, especially between those we love and who love us, will go on. Why? Also because of God's eternal love. God knows these relationships bring us so much life, joy, and happiness in this life, that God unselfishly rejoices to continue them in eternal life.

-Fr. Sas, November 10 Homily  
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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