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From our Pastor...
At times it is tempting to numb ourselves with food, drink, or possessions when faced by the problems around us. And some do so, not out of insensitivity to others, but as a means of coping with the helplessness we feel in the face of the enormity of the problems. But if we are honest, we have to admit that there are those times when our personal lives leave little room for much concern about injustice or the very real complaints of hunger, poverty, and suffering of a very large portion of the word's population. We Americans can be seen by many as self-absorbed, arrogant, and (rightly or wrongly) as uncaring about the majority of people whose lives are very much poorer than our own. Look at the lines that formed overnight to buy the new gold i-Phone.


But there is another level each of us needs to examine. Just as the rich man did not even see Lazarus, we can also overlook the effect our lifestyle can have on others. I'm not talking here about luxuries of life, but rather behavior. It includes things like gossip, complaining about slights, exaggerating hurts, or sowing dissention. It's found in the cutting remark, our tone of voice, or the lack of respect we sometimes show to others, either in their presence or, even worse, when they are absent and unable to defend themselves. It's found in backstabbing, the murmured aside, and the subtle gesture. We can get so used to being this way,  we may not even be aware of it and simply go on our merry way, all innocent and self-satisfied, but leaving in our wake hurt, pain, and broken relationships.
Another prophet, Haggai, said in the name of the Lord: "Consider your ways."   
Good advice then.  Good advice now.  "Consider your ways."

-Fr. Sas, excerpts from  September 29 Homily  
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C


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Faith Formation Classes, Grades 1-9 ~ Please register before May 31 (to avoid a late fee)

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