St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time C22

The parable today has a cast of characters. With whom do you identify? We’d like to think of ourselves as the Good Samaritan or maybe the innkeeper who took further care of the injured person. But I confess that sometimes I behave like those who passed him by, putting as much distance from a homeless beggar as possible, thinking only my own plans, too busy to stop and help with a little bit of money or even to have a word with him or her. 

But today I like to consider the injured person.  When he recovered enough to be aware of his surroundings, did he ask what happened that he found himself in a room at an inn, all paid for? Who brought him there? Who bound his wounds? Why was the innkeeper so solicitous? As he eventually remembered what happened, was he angry or revengeful?  Did he hope that those who beat him to a pulp and robbed him of everything would be caught and punished and then be sued? Did he regret travelling alone without a companion or some means of protecting himself? Was he impatient to go home? Did he wait around for the one who came to his rescue and express his gratitude, maybe ask why a stranger would stop to help another stranger?

At times, we too need some kind of help. Maybe we are in the hospital but aren’t worried because we have insurance or better yet, insurAAAnce. Do we complain about the food or a bothersome roommate because our policy doesn’t pay a private room? 

Suppose we need help of another kind? Are we too ashamed or proud or think of ourselves as too independent to ask for help? Do we try to muddle through until we make things so bad we have to humble ourselves and reach out to another or to an agency to help us find a solution? And when that advice is given, is taken and works, do we ever acknowledge the giver with gratitude?

What is my and your response?

Hear again this parable with open ears. See with different eyes. Ponder with another perspective. Every parable has many applications, especially this one.

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