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4th Sunday of Easter C22

One of the most touching scenes in the Gospel is from John’s Gospel after the resurrection. Mary is at the tomb weeping and turns around to see Jesus standing there but mistakenly took him to be the gardener. It was only Jesus said her name, “Mary” that she heard and recognized him. 

When I had my stroke, I spent about a 10 days in the hospital. I went back to St. Ann rectory with my parents to get my belongings which included Mitten who didn’t move as I entered the room. I whispered her name, “Mitten”; her ears perked up; her tail started wagging; and then she ran to me.

Both examples show me that it is true what the Lord says: “My sheep hear my voice.”

I attended a meeting last Tuesday at which @12 priests were gathered to reflect on today’s readings. One of them said our features and body change as we get older, but our voice remains the same. Have you ever received a call from someone you haven’t seen for a while, maybe years, and immediately know who it is, not from caller ID, but from the sound of their voice?

Has this ever happened to you? You are in a restaurant. People are talking loudly because background music is playing at a volume that makes it difficult to concentrate. The person you’re sitting across from is talking to you; and you say, “I can’t hear you.” You are listeningto many sounds but you can’t hear. Listening and hearing are too different things. We are bombarded with all kinds of sounds, so much so we have noise cancelling earphones!

Jesus is calling all of us all the time. Often he is too polite to yell to get our attention and speaks in a whisper in the depths of our heart. Can we hear his voice? Or is it muffled by the noise around us? 

Knights of Columbus Scholarship

Knights of Columbus logoThe St. John Fisher Knights of Columbus will honor two worthy graduating high school seniors with a scholarship of $500 each in recognition of service to our community and practice of their Catholic faith in daily life. Applications will be taken through May 31st 2022 and the scholarship will be awarded in May.

Eligibility, instructions and the application form are available HERE on the St. John Fisher website.  Any questions can be addressed to the following e-mail address::

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Send your prayer requests to or call the parish office @ 295-0001.

The Hospital Doesn't Tell Us You're There!

hospital sign clip artBecause of HIPAA regulations, pastors and deacons are not given access to information about parishioners who are in the hospital. Please be sure to contact the parish office if you would like Father Sas, Deacon John, or a Eucharistic Minister to visit you or a loved one who is hospitalized.

Please include the patient's given name, hospital name, and dates of anticipated stay. In case of an emergency, please call Father Sas or Deacon John using the numbers on the front cover of the bulletin. Our pastoral staff is also happy to visit those who are homebound.

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