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Easter 2022

How can this be?

In Luke’s Gospel that was the question Mary asked when told she would conceive a son. I would imagine that was the same question another Mary asked when she visited the tomb which should have contained his body.

Both the Incarnation and the Resurrection took place, hidden from human eyes. Both were followed by life, a human life set in time and place; a new way of being human that is beyond time and space.

Easter, the Resurrection, is the most important feast of our faith. It fulfills what was begun at the Incarnation. It is a day when hope springs eternal, when beautiful decorations of flowers fill our church, when church parking lots are crowded and pews are filled with worshipers, and when our music is joyful and triumphant.

Why? Jesus overcame sin and vanquished death. That is a reason to celebrate. But, is it enough? Are we celebrating a spiritual truth that will happen to us in the future or does it have an effect in the present as well?

Let’s join the first witnesses. They were thinking about who will roll away the stone from the place where death and decay reign. “Why seek the living among the dead” they were asked. “He is not here” they were told. The tomb was empty! And Easter proclaims the victory of seemingly powerless love over loveless power.

Easter assures us that God is present in our times of loss and confusion, to roll back the stones that keep us more dead than alive: stones of fear and anxiety; of senseless war or mindless violence; of economies that reward a few and penalize everybody else, especially those caught in a never-ending cycle of poverty; of a good education that is dependent on where you live or can afford; and of systems of communication that depersonalize human contact. Easter impels us to a loyalty to the Risen Christ and turning away from all that crucifies us and others.

For the women at the tomb, for the apostles and for the earliest disciples, the Resurrection, Easter, was not a one day celebration but a change in the way they lived and faced death. Will it do the same for us?

Knights of Columbus Scholarship

Knights of Columbus logoThe St. John Fisher Knights of Columbus will honor two worthy graduating high school seniors with a scholarship of $500 each in recognition of service to our community and practice of their Catholic faith in daily life. Applications will be taken through May 31st 2022 and the scholarship will be awarded in May.

Eligibility, instructions and the application form are available HERE on the St. John Fisher website.  Any questions can be addressed to the following e-mail address::

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Send your prayer requests to or call the parish office @ 295-0001.

The Hospital Doesn't Tell Us You're There!

hospital sign clip artBecause of HIPAA regulations, pastors and deacons are not given access to information about parishioners who are in the hospital. Please be sure to contact the parish office if you would like Father Sas, Deacon John, or a Eucharistic Minister to visit you or a loved one who is hospitalized.

Please include the patient's given name, hospital name, and dates of anticipated stay. In case of an emergency, please call Father Sas or Deacon John using the numbers on the front cover of the bulletin. Our pastoral staff is also happy to visit those who are homebound.

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