St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

4th Sunday of Advent, Year C

Our God is the God of the unexpected and surprises.

Who could have guessed the Messiah would come from not Jerusalem, the city of kings, but be born a little town like Bethlehem? That was the prophecy of Micah, a minor prophet who lived at the same time as Isaiah. 

Who would have expected a teenaged, unmarried girl would conceive the Savior of the world? Who would have guessed that an elderly, barren woman would finally give birth to a son who would be filled with the Holy Spirit and would prepare the way for the arrival of the Messiah?

Who would have suspected that he would grow up in another small village called Nazareth, following in the footsteps of his adoptive father as a carpenter?

Who could have imagined that the Messiah would offer his body to God as a sacrifice in perfect obedience to the Father’s will rather than using substitutes as sacrifices, offerings, holocausts, and sin offerings?

Who knew that he would rise from the dead and the cross would become a symbol of faith?

Who would have thought that Mary and Elizabeth would have been the first to announce that the Son of God is also the Son of Man and Mary Magdalene would announce the Resurrection? Birth and rebirth were proclaimed by women as part of God’s plan.

Isn’t it odd that God chooses nobody to make them somebody or the younger over the older? 

Abel over Cain; Jacob over Esau; Joseph over his brothers; Moses over his sibling, Aaron and Miriam.

Is God trying to get our attention?

Our God is still the God of the unexpected and surprises. We only have to open our eyes and hearts to see and receive them. Just saying ….

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