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Trinity Sunday 2021

Can anyone tell me what we are celebrating today? (There are three persons in one God.) Can anyone go further? (It’s a mystery.) That’s it, end of discussion. At the Gregorian University in Rome I endured a required course on the Trinity. Our Latin textbook, written by the Jesuit professor, was 800+ pages long. At the end of the course, the Trinity was still a mystery to me, my classmates- and the professor.

There have been some attempts to explain this on-going mystery, but they fall short. They only say what the Trinity is kind of like, as St. Patrick did with the three-leaf clover or as an elderly German gentleman from this parish by comparing it to water in its three forms: rain, steam and ice. Those attempts are nice tries, but again they fall short, especially because they use objects to describe persons.

Let’s try a different approach. Kevin Kho who received a Master of Divinity from The University of Notre Dame has suggested comparing it to a relationship whether it be to a friend or to a spouse. I have a friend who I have known for about a little more than 40 years. We have spent hours, days and years getting to know one another. I know a lot of things about this friend, but there are still times I am surprised by something said or felt. My parents were married for 65 years. They certainly loved one another and knew each other well; but, there was a depth in each one that couldn’t be articled to each other, an unending, mysterious unknown, something more to discover and to love.

We are created in God’s image and likeness.  Is it any wonder then that when we consider our relationships as being an unending, mysterious unknown with something more to discover and to love that the nature of God is a priori a mysterious unknown at which we can marvel, be amazed, and be drawn into a deeper and unending search for understanding?

This One God, Father, Life Giver; Son, Live Saver; and Holy Spirit, Life Guard desires a relationship of love with us. That, at least to me, is the greatest mystery of all!


[1] Kevin writes occasionally for Homily Hints, a publication of Franciscan Press.

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