St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time B21

Do we have prophets today? Yes! They may be a little bit different from the Old Testament model, but they fulfill the role.

Central to the prophet’s role is telling “inconvenient truths”, things that disturb people, especially the leaders of nations, because they know they are correct, real, and factual but the politicians don’t want to change things because that would upset the “world order” and disturb their comfort and many of their followers.

Today the prophet speaks during this horrible pandemic which has pointed the inadequacies of two of our deeply embedded and trusted global systems: the health care system and the economic system. Health care systems have struggled to cope. Economic structures will take months and, in some cases, years to recover. Some will fail. But the wealthy and connected will survive and maybe even flourish; the poorest and the neediest among us will be allowed to sink back into poverty or go ever deeper. The prophet speaks about the injustices they endure with no one willing to change them or even to acknowledge them.

It’s terribly sad and a tragedy when a prophet speaks and no one listens or only hear with their ears but their hearts are hardened.

Open your ears to hear the words spoken by today’s prophets.

Soften your hearts to listen and accept to the message of truth behind the words announced by today’s prophets.

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