St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

1st Sunday of Advent B20

Three words sum up the message of today: WAIT! WATCH! WORK!

I believe that the first word is the most difficult for us, 21st century Americans. Waiting seems to most of us as a waste of time. Look how impatiently we waited for the results of the Presidential Election. (And we are still waiting to determine the winner!) But waiting is a chance for reflection, remembrance and expectation.

What should do in the meantime? Watch for signs of God’s presence and rejoice in them. Point them out to others who are also patiently waiting for the promises God has made to come to fruition.

But hopeful believers do not wait or watch idly. The servants in the Gospel story are charged, each with his or her own work. Each of us has responsibilities to tend to. Each of us is accountable to and for each other as we learned week in the judgment scene in Matthew’s Gospel. St. Paul reminds us that we all have talents and gifts to be used faithfully in our present world.

We are called to do everything we can in preparation for the day of fulfillment, the day of the coming of the Kingdom of God. In this “in between” time of already and not yet, we are to be concerned for justice, faithful to the promises of God, and compassionate to all.


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