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Do you know what a syllogism is?

A formula represents it: A=B, B=C, therefore A=C!

Let us apply it to today’s Gospel.

Blindness is a physical ailment, physical ailments are a result of sin[1], blindness therefore is a result of sin!

Sabbath is a day of rest, rest means no work, therefore keeping the Sabbath means no work!

God doesn’t listen to sinners, you are a sinner if you work on the Sabbath, therefore God doesn’t listen to you!

All neat and tidy, very rational and very logical. 

The problem for the Pharisees was the man standing before them. Confusion reigned. He’s cured of his blindness (a result of sin). Jesus made clay on the Sabbath. Therefore he worked on the Sabbath making Jesus a sinner. How could this be? It upsets the whole construct! They summoned the man’s parents to testify that this is indeed their son and that he was born blind. He is and was. Once more they questioned the man, prefacing their remarks with a conclusion about Jesus (We know that this man is a sinner. WE KNOW.). He stated the facts: “I was blind and now I see. I don’t know whether Jesus is a sinner or not. Again, I was blind and now I see.”

Finally in exasperation they threw him out. This case upset their whole logic.

How many times are we so sure of something or how often are we blinded by our egos, prejudices, and fears that we are not open to any other possibilities?

I once read: “There’s not much difference between a person who can’t see and a person who won’t see.”

[1] A popular belief at the time of Christ and even earlier, cf. The Book of Job


Fourth Sunday of Lent, A2017

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