St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

Once on a bike trip I and the other bicyclists saw an amazing and beautiful sight. We were breaking camp at a high elevation with brilliant sunshine all around us and saw a thick blanket of blanketing spread over the valley below us.


Now, remember that image.


Much of the time we are inclined to seek God in life’s high spots, at times when our prayers are answered or when we are having “mountain top experiences”. But more often that not, God is somewhat like fog that settles in the valleys of our life. That is the point of today’s Gospel of the beatitudes. God is most at home among those who are poor in the spirit, i.e. those who are dependent on others and, most especially, on God; that God offers comfort to those who cry tears of pain, suffering, sorrow or at the injustices they experience themselves or see being done to others; that strive for mercy in a world that trumpets vindictiveness. When you enter times of fog in your life, when you can’t see clearly where you are going, call out to God. God is right there with you to accompany you, to comfort you, to lead you. 


~Fr. Sas, January Homily

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time


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