St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

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On the last Monday of June, I discovered I couldn’t find my credit card. A feeling a panic set in. I searched everywhere in the rectory, opening every drawer, not once but multiple times. I looked underneath cushions, checked my jacket pockets, and even dove through the waste baskets and sorted the laundry. All to no avail.

 I then decided to check at every store I had recently frequented to ask if perchance I had left it there. After visiting a number of them, still no sign of the card. Panic increased. Finally in an act of desperation, I checked under the front seat of the car. And there it was! I was overjoyed! I wanted to jump for joy and celebrate.

That episode of lost and found brought home to me the message of today’s Gospel.

If I could be so thrilled and joyful by finding a lost piece of plastic that could have been replaced, how much more should God rejoice in a unique person coming back with a heart that has been bruised, battered or broken by sinful choices he or she has made, or has become harsh and hard through arrogance, or has become unfeeling and cold, losing the capacity of compassion and mercy through a concentration on self and selfish ends.

God and heaven rejoices.

So should we.


24th Sunday in Ordinary Time, C, 16

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