St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

It must be in our DNA.  We like our heroes and superheroes to be loners or almost loners: for example, the Lone Ranger, Superman and his ice castle, Batman and his bat cave, almost all Clint Eastwood movies whether the westerns with the man with no name or the “Dirty Harry” movies (“Are you feeling lucky, punk”). Maybe it’s because of their independence or having no ties which frees them to do anything and anywhere with no one to whom they have to answer.

But that is a make believe world of fantasy. In the real world in which we live, we are responsible to and for one another.

In terms of faith, this is especially true. The saga of the Jewish nation in the Hebrew Scriptures is based on community, living as God’s people in a Covenant with God and each other. And it continues in the Christian Scriptures as we just heard Jesus’ command to love one another as the sign of being his disciple.

Further, it is evident in the Acts of the Apostles. Paul and Barnabas did not make converts as individuals but to live in a community of fellow believers, appointing elders who would oversee in each church. They were sent forth as missionaries from a community; and, they returned to that community to report to them “what God had done with them”.

We are gathered here in this faith community called St. John Fisher Church in Marlborough, CT. As a parish family, our purpose is to love, support, encourage, and challenge each other as we together grow in faith and discipleship.  You challenge and support me to be the best so-called “elder” of this community. I love, encourage and challenge you to be the best disciples of Jesus that you can be.

Community is in our DNA of faith.

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