St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

4th Sunday of Lent, C, 2016

When you feel wronged, what’s your reaction? I think for most of us it is righteous indignation.

We can identify with the elder son in today’s Gospel. We don’t understand why the father is throwing a banquet for his wayward son, especially when we’ve been good. We feel cheated, angry, resentful, and are prone to pouting or else figuratively or literally stamping our feet.

Sometimes we question God by saying, “I’ve been good. How come that person who is so much worse than I gets a free pass? What’s in it for me?” We often wonder about God’s justice. ---- Until we need God’s mercy.

We are like both sons, at times wasting our God-given gifts, wandering far from home and the father’s care, hoping for who knows what until we realize how good we’ve had it; and at other times seeking a payback for all our goodness and obedience, not realizing we already have everything at the father’s house if we only recognize and ask for the lavish gifts that are there at our disposal.

But, here’s the challenging part. When are we like the father?

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