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Who’s missing from the account of the visitation?: ----- The person who accompanied Mary on the walk to the hill country of Judea! Ann and Joachim, being good and protective parents, wouldn’t let their only child, a young teenage girl, go it alone.  The person would have to a strong male in case they ran into robbers or had some emergency. Joseph wouldn’t do because, although engaged to Mary, they hadn’t lived together in his house, an obvious sign they were married. And that would not be, as it were, kosher. Who would they get?

Hi! My name is Nathaniel, known to my friends as Nate. I’m a cousin of Ann, the mother of Mary. I was asked (more like forced!) to take time off from work and go with this quiet young maiden to the hill country to visit her cousin old Elizabeth and aged Zechariah.

Mary seems to be very excited as we walk along, almost skipping, with a hint of a smile, like she knew some secret.

When we arrive, Elizabeth and Mary rush into each other’s arms. And then I hear some astonishing news. Elizabeth said: “When I heard your greeting, the baby leaped in my womb!” Elizabeth is pregnant?! How can that be? She and her husband were trying for years, and now in her old age it happened. What a miracle!

And even more astounding, Mary is called “blessed” and the fruit of her womb is also blessed and the real surprising thing Elizabeth called Mary “the mother of my Lord”. What does she mean by that?

My head is spinning.

Because Mary is staying for three months with Elizabeth, because Zechariah can’t talk (What’s up with that?), I will go back home to work. On my way back home, and maybe forever, I will try to figure all this out.

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