St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

As we celebrate this Feast of Christ the King, we take a look at his kingdom, a strange kingdom, far different from those about which we read in history books, legends, or fairy tales.

In his kingdom there is no room for domination, violence or economic exploitation.

The kingdoms of this world are all about domination, fear, violence, and exploitation, both economic and of persons.

We see it especially these days in the Caliphate of ISIS and the violent events they took responsibility for in Paris and other places with help of Al Qaida in Mali. We see it in the fear they seek to instill by threats of further terrorism.

The countries that are affected pledge they will be destroyed. How? By bombing them into submission; seeking revenge, not necessarily justice; by fighting fire with fire; in the end, by becoming like them!

Do we really want that outcome? If we do, they win.

While Christ’s kingdom is not of this world it is still in this world. He and his followers have a role to play in human affairs and the struggles to establish truth, justice and peace in all countries, in all humans.

Lord, we pray: Help us to make “Thy Kingdom come!”

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