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We know that Jesus lost his temper one time when he overthrew the money changers' table and drove out those selling doves. With all the demands on his time, with all the constant battles with the orthodox nitpickers he faced, with his slow-to-believe disciples, you would think he must have been tempted and perhaps did lose his temper at least one other time.

Going with his disciples to rest and retreat in a deserted place, Jesus can't even escape by boat. The crowds learn of his plan and arrive in droves before he and the disciples even made landfall. His reaction to them is not impatience or anger, but one of pity. He allows himself and his planned relaxation to be interrupted, and he teaches the people, hungry for the word of God.
Each of our lives is filled with constant interruptions. We are always being called from our plans to deal with the unexpected. The phone rings and it's a friend or relative who needs to talk with us. A child (no matter how young or how old) hurts and seeks comfort. Or, a serious and life-altering illness hits, and everything we planned is up in smoke.
How we deal with these interruptions which characterize our lives will indicate how well we are following Jesus. Are we impatient, angry, put out, and short with our time and temper? Or are we gracious, accommodating, compassionate and giving?
Interruptions are the test of our faith and the proof of our character.

-Fr Sas, July 19 Homily
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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