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While it's Easter, our world still looks more like Good Friday. What makes the Good Friday story so devastating is that it is still so true . Politicians still are swayed by the mob (though we call it "poll driven agenda"); violence continues; goodness is mocked. Often those who are the outlaws in sports and media are preferred, becoming role models for our young. We repeat the cry of those in Jerusalem who shouted, "We want Barabbas!" instead of the one who healed, forgave and challenged people not to settle for outward show over interior depth.

Easter though is a "Yes, but" to all that. Yes, fear, self- righteousness, indifference and lack of responsibility kill; but, love never dies. The goodness nailed to a cross and left for dead is again alive and with us now if we only would recognize it. Christ is raised to put love in our hearts, decent thoughts in our heads and a bit more iron in our backbones. Christ is raised to convert us from something less than a true life to the possibility of full life, here and now.

Too often Easter comes across only as a promise of death to be overcome one day, a future triumph of personal afterlife. But, I can't believe in some vague future. I need to see that violence and death, sin and evil even now can at least be wounded, if not defeated, that thoughts of peace can be stronger than acts of war, that people of good will and concern can overcome bad faith and selfishness. I want to experience Easter as an event which helps me face the powers of death which already have me, and you, in their grip, such as racism, sexism, classism, and any other "ism".
Easter is the promise of presence. Easter becomes the assurance that God is present in our limits and losses. It is the courage to confront death and believe life is eternal. Easter does not deny the reality of death, but challenges its durability. Easter is the victory of seemingly powerless love over loveless power.
Jesus Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

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