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I would like to thank all of the Faith Formation Families for their support of our fundraiser to fight Global Hunger. The St John Fisher community truly appreciates all of the items that you donated for the raffle baskets. We sold about $900 worth of raffle tickets thanks to your generosity. All of these proceeds are going to our Global Packaging Event where we will be packaging and sending 10,000 meals to Burkina Faso, an area in western Africa that struggles with drought, disease, famine and starvation.  Our Helping Hands Coffee House, raffle, silent auction and t-shirt sales have all been a huge success and although I do not have a final count yet, I am sure that we have far surpassed our goals. We may be able to send even more meals than expected thanks to all of your generosity!

And speaking of sacrifice and generosity, Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and so starts the beginning of Lent. Growing up I always thought of Lent as that dreaded time when I had to give up ice cream or chocolate ( NOOOOO!)  . As an adult, I now see Lent still as a time to repent, fast and prepare; a time to grow even closer in our relationship with Christ and a time to appreciate His sacrifices and love.  And perhaps, one does not have to just give up coffee, ice cream or chocolate to do this.  ‚ĶMaybe it is a time to better ourselves, our families and the world around us. Here are a few Lenten family ideas:

  • As a family, research and select a charity that you will support during Lent
  • As family, talk about different ways to fast: Fast from criticizing others; Fast from gossip; Fast from complaining; Seek understanding.
  • Have each family member go thru their closets and donate usable clothing, toys and household goods to a local charity
  • While grocery shopping each week in Lent, pick up some extra food items and bring them to the Food Pantry
  • As a family, pick a day to fast from electronics and technology
  • OR have the technology work to help support you: Download a Lenten companion app: They are full of suggested activities, prayers, and scripture readings. Some good ones are Lentsanity and Magnificat Lenten Companion. Great for teens and middle schoolers too.
  • As a family, take time at the end of each day to thank God for all the graces you received. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for.
  • Pray before each meal and make a point of praying for those who are hungry and who are in need
  • Go to one of St John Fishers Lenten activities. See the attached Lenten calendar. As a family, attend our Global Packaging Event on April 6th. Make a difference in the Fight Against Hunger in a direct and tangible way!


Helping Hands T ShirtSt. John Fisher T-Shirt Sale to raise funds for our Helping Hands project.  The t-shirts can be ordered on-line and will be shipped directly to you (for an additional charge) or will be shipped in bulk to the church and then distributed after masses.  The shirts were designed by senior Ellie Packer and all the profits will go to help fund the CRS global food packaging event to be held in the spring of 2019 to benefit the people of the Burkina Faso.

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