St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

Events Calendar

† Limited Mass - 4:00 PM
Saturday, February 13, 2021, 04:00pm
  • Reservations are required. Click Home to register.

  • Weekend Masses will be celebrated on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. and Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Be aware of the Sunday time change. This provides time to clean the church properly.

  • The downstairs bathrooms will be unavailable. This makes cleaning easier. If someone absolutely has to use a restroom, the one upstairs will be open. Signs will point the way through the sacristy.

  • Only one door, the main front door, will available to enter the church. If someone has to use the side door for accessibility reasons, please send someone into church and ask that it be opened for you.

  • The church has been set up to ensure 6 feet social distancing at all times. In doing so, we have 44 seats available although families can sit together in one pew. This will require a reservation system on which we are presently working. Once it is finished, you will be notified. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT MASKS MUST BE WORN! Also, the congregation will NOT SING. It’s been shown that singing spreads the virus farther and wider even with the wearing of masks.

  • Archbishop Blair continues to extend the dispensation from the Sunday obligation at least until the beginning of September.

  • As a result of this dispensation, the taping of Sunday Masses will continue and can be viewed through the St. John Fisher parish website

  • Once again the State of Connecticut and the Archdiocese strongly recommends that anyone over 65 (an exception is made in my case), or with a pre-existing condition that weakens their immune system, or with any condition that makes breathing difficult, e.g. asthma, or any type of illness, and anyone who cares for someone who is vulnerable should stay home.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Activities and Events are scheduled on the master calendar maintained by the Pastoral Assistant at (860) 295-0001 during parish office hours. Please do not assume open dates are available. Check with the parish office for open dates. Once the date for your event or activitiy is set, ask that it be included on this web calendar.