St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447


30 Jones Hollow Road,
Marlborough, Connecticut 06447-1141
Pastor, Fr. Thomas J. Sas
   (860) 295-0067
Deacon Emeritus John W. McKaig
   (860) 942-7961
Pastoral Assistant
   Holly Bangham,(860) 295-0001
Director of Religious Education. 
   Melissa Jordan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Director of Music Ministry
   Janice Reska
Adult Faith Formation
Youth Ministry Confirmation
   Jennifer O'Neill

Mass Schedule

Vigil Mass ~ Saturday, 4:00PM
Sunday Mass ~ 8:30AM and 10:30AM
Daily Mass; Mon-Thur ~ 8:30AM


Please take note in your calendar that there will be no
daily mass on the following dates, as Father Sas will
be out of town:

September 26 - 30
October 4 - 5

October 24 - 28

Parish Office Hours


Hours for the parish office will vary during the summer. Please call first (860.295.0001) if you are planning to stop by. Any messages left on the answering system will be checked regularly.

Welcome Visitors

For those who are visitors to St. John Fisher Church during the summer months, we welcome you to our church and our parish family.

Coffee and Donuts

Please join us for coffee and donuts on October 16th, in the hall after both Sunday Masses.

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time C22

We are creatures of this world, what we call the Earth or the 3rd rock from the Sun. We are dependent on it for our very existence. We are made of its “stuff”. We need its air, water, and its crops for food. We need its resources to make our clothes and to provide us with shelter. We are stirred by its sights and sounds, by its phenomenal bounty, by its vast oceans and majestic mountains and plains teeming with wildlife and tame animals our enjoyment. And, there’s the rub. It provides us with all we need, but what is questionable is our use of all it supplies us. How much do I need to live a decent life? How much is enough?

The prophet Amos comes down hard on the greed of businessmen, plotting all the while at a religious event how to make more profits while the poor are taken advantage of or ignored. And as Luke gets closer to the climax of his Gospel, his emphasis only gets stronger on the reverence for life and care for the poor.

Now that the Roe vs. Wade has been overturned, we have to deal with the consequences. Who will provide the resources needed for the mothers and thousands who will be born such as: prenatal and postpartum care for mothers and children; health insurance; nutritional needs; and making sure they have adequate affordable housing and financial support? We can’t bring life into the world without making sure it has all that needs to live a decent life!

However, the right to life is about more than abortion. It means we have a right to eat, to be clothed, to have shelter, to be uplifted by the beauty of the world. Think of the rich man who dined sumptuously every day and Lazarus lying by his door. Think of having more than enough clothes for every season and eventuality while the poor wear the clothes we are tired of or replaced with the newest fashion trend. Think of the homeless living under bridges. Think of those who live in neighborhoods surrounded by empty buildings and empty lots filled with trash.

My intention is not to make anyone suffer from Catholic guilt but to open our ears to hear “How much is enough”. While charity begins at home, setting aside resources for future uses, for the education of children, for possible medical needs, for retirement, and yes, for vacation, our charity must extend outside of our “wants”. Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you …” (Mt. 26: 11). We won’t wipe out poverty but we can lessen it a bit. Don’t condemn the poor for being poor. You are not condemned for living being comfortably.

The earth belongs to everybody, every creature, every living thing, every inanimate thing. Unfortunately, its resources are limited. Some creatures are already extinct. Waterways are polluted and oceans are filled with waste.

May we use the remaining resources wisely and carefully. 


Suggested donations: Cereal, oatmeal, hearty canned soups, baking supplies, canned meats, canned fruits and toiletries.

Please check that the "Best By" dates have not been exceeded; otherwise, the Food Bank will need to dispose of them. The Food Bank does not distribute over-the-counter medicines for either adults or children, and so we cannot accept donations of these items.

For the Home Goods Room: Used items in good condition such as pots and pans, towels, pillowcases, sheets (especially queen), lamps and new bed pillows.


Emergency Bible Numbers

Hands Pray 02
Upset? John 14
Weak? Psalm 18:1-29
Lonely? Psalm 23
Sinned? Psalm 51
Worried? Matthew 8:19-31
Anxious? Phillippians 4:4-9
Unhappy? Colossians 3:12-17
In Danger? Psalm 91
Depressed? Psalm 27
Lack of Faith? Exodus 14
Others Unkind? John 15
Need Courage? Joshua 1
Need Direction? Psalm 73:21-26
Seeking Peace?     Matthew 11:25-30

Prayer LineWoman Pray 01

Send your prayer requests to or call the parish office @ 295-0001.

Holy Rosary 1

Pray The Holy Rosary ~ Mondays ~ 8:30AM
zoom logoClick here on Monday mornings.

Note: to maximize meeting time, please don't login more than 6 minutes early.

Online Giving

OLG Logo 150UPDATE: Our Online Giving system now is also an App for Apple and Android products! You can download it for free in the App Store, Google Play Store or CLICK HERE. If you are new to Online Giving, register by entering our church ID of 1239.

How To Report An Incident Of Sexual Abuse To The Archdiocese Of Hartford

Archdiocese of Hartford                              
Office of Safe Environment
467 Bloomfield Ave.
Bloomfield, CT 06002

If you have knowledge or suspect that a minor or vulnerable adult (an adult with an intellectual disability) has been sexually abused, in any manner, by personnel of the Archdiocese of Hartford, you are urged to report this information to:

Kathleen D. Nowosadko
Victim Assistance Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to download more information 

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Special Intention Mass Cards

Mass Card A Healing Prayer

Please remember to schedule Masses you would like intended for deceased loved ones, for specific times, as soon as possible. Mass cards are also available for Masses that are not for the deceased - they are for Masses that will be offered for a special intention, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, dealing with illiness, requests for healing, or any special needs. Please feel free to e-mail, call, or stop by the Parish Office with your request.

Sponsor Certificates, Marriages & Baptisms

Sponsor Certificates: A sponsor certificate for Baptism or Confirmation will be provided to current, active parishioners who have been registered with St. John Fisher for a minimum of six months. A Form may be downloaded (click here) or picked up at the parish office, and all applicants must meet with Father to have form signed and sealed after Mass or by appointment.

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The Hospital Doesn't Tell Us You're There!

hospital sign clip artBecause of HIPAA regulations, pastors and deacons are not given access to information about parishioners who are in the hospital. Please be sure to contact the parish office if you would like Father Sas, Deacon John, or a Eucharistic Minister to visit you or a loved one who is hospitalized.

Please include the patient's given name, hospital name, and dates of anticipated stay. In case of an emergency, please call Father Sas or Deacon John using the numbers on the front cover of the bulletin. Our pastoral staff is also happy to visit those who are homebound.

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