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You could feel the excitement as the disciples and a sizable crowd was following Jesus on the way to Jerusalem. They were expecting a kingdom. Jesus knew he was facing the cross.

You can imagine the people crowding around Jesus, pushing and shoving so that they could hear him if he spoke. You can imagine the disciples shielding him from the crush of the crowd and at the same time guarding their place next to him. You’ve seen something like that before: a security detail, eyes alert for any suspicious person or action.

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Suppose you are talking to a boss, a friend, or a team worker. At the end of the conversation after you have gotten a list of duties, favors or requirements, the person says: "Oh, one more thing. Could you please.?" That "one more thing" is generally harder than all the rest.
That's the situation in today's Gospel. The young man was in a a conversation with Jesus, and innocently asked, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?"
Jesus told him, "You don't have to do anything to inherit eternal life. Simply avoid doing things, like killing, adultery, stealing, lying, defrauding, being disrespectful, or anything else that would muddy the focus of leading a life pleasing to God." But the young man protests. "I've done all that! Is there more?" Looking at him with love, Jesus gives the young man an answer. "There's one more thing: don't let your riches get in the way. Sell all you have; give to the poor. Come, follow me."
What's the "one more thing" that I or you must do to inherit eternal life?

-Fr. Sas, October 11 Homily
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

The word "crisis" is often tossed around in news reports. Saturday's morning paper had a story of the financial crisis in China causing a crisis on Wall Street and other markets across the globe. There is a refugee crisis in Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Italy. In our own country there's an immigration crisis and a political one in the Republican and Democratic Parties, with all kinds of candidates vying for recognition 15 months before the election. Our personal lives may be filled with crises as well, including everything from health problems to, for those lucky enough, bad hair days.

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We know that Jesus lost his temper one time when he overthrew the money changers' table and drove out those selling doves. With all the demands on his time, with all the constant battles with the orthodox nitpickers he faced, with his slow-to-believe disciples, you would think he must have been tempted and perhaps did lose his temper at least one other time.

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Imagine you are offered a job that guarantees you will be scorned or ignored, hated, ostracized, thought of as a weirdo or a crackpot, and almost all of your predecessors tried to escape doing it or made excuses for being ill-chosen for it. Would you take it? That's the reality of being a prophet of God. From the beginning from Elijah who had to run for his life and from A (Amos) to Z (Zephaniah) being a prophet was not a glamorous or a sought after task.

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How do you know that this person is the person you should marry? How do you know that this college will be a good fit for you? How do you know that this is what you must do with your working career to be fulfilled while making a living? How do you know with certainty about anything?

In these instances and many others in our lives, "we walk by faith and not by sight." We take a "leap of faith" with no guarantees.

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