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The disciples were huddled in an upper room, fearful of those who put to death Jesus, their Master. But one was missing, Thomas. Why wasn't he there? Where was he?
Maybe he couldn't stand the atmosphere of worry and fear. Maybe he had to be alone with his grief.
He had to get out!

Perhaps you remember me. For those who do not, my name is Zachariah, Zach for short. I've been following Jesus since his baptism and listening to him preach, talking about the coming Kingdom, and witnessing his miracles. Quite impressive!
I know he said our holiness must surpass that of the Pharisees and scribes-a pretty daunting task since they are very strict in their observance of the Law. He mentioned  a few commandments, kicking their meaning up a notch. I could follow his train of thought in those situations.
But, now this! Are you kidding  me?! Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you? Yeah right! I am supposed to love the Samaritans and pray for the Romans. No way! Offer no resistance to one who is evil; turn the other cheek; give up my cloak rather than go to court; go beyond what is asked of me in being pressed into service by a Roman soldier; give my hard earned cash to anyone who asks. What am I, a wimp? A pushover?
I think that I like the old way better: love your countryman and hate your enemies. Much easier. And what about the person who is disagreeable to me, always pointing out my flaws, who is aggravating and just plain mean? Should I love and pray for that person, too?
Jesus says we must go beyond what pagans and tax collectors do (whom I hate as well!), being perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.
I'd like to see him do that.
And he did. For three years, ending by forgiving even those who crucified him. Maybe we do it imperfectly, but at least we have to try. His Spirit lives on in us, has been given to us. He has confidence in us. He encourages us. He showed us that it can be done.

-Fr  Sas, February 23 Homily, 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Many years ago there was a comedian by the name of Flip Wilson. He channeled a character named Geraldine who, whenever she got in trouble, would announce: "The devil made me do it!"
How often do we look for excuses, aka, "extenuating circumstances," when we do something wrong? We blame it on our parents, on how we were raised as a child. We cast blame on some teacher or coach who corrected us and lessened our self-esteem. In some few situations it may be true, but most of the time it isn't.

Some people are afflicted by a condition known appropriately enough as S.A.D., or seasonal affective disorder in which a lack of light, caused by the shorter days of winter, influences the mood and emotions or, in more severe cases, even the ability to function. It’s amazing how important light is to our well being. In this we are not unlike the rest of creation. Here’s some good news though: daylight is increasing every day since the darkest day of December!

"Come, follow me!" What would your response be if a perfect stranger asked you that? Suppose you heard stories about him. What then? In any case, I know I would have asked a few questions first. Come where? For how long? To do what? What's in it for me?

As Americans we have always prized the individual. The same tendency can easily enter into our religious practice. We easily understand ourselves as individuals before God but have more difficulty recognizing ourselves as being a part of God's people. We take little notice of others even when we worship unless they are disturbing our private prayer and thoughts. A further sad result is a loss of feeling responsible for and with others for what is good or bad for the community.


Faith Formation Registration ~ 2018-2019

Faith Formation Classes, Grades 1-9 ~ Please register before May 31 (to avoid a late fee)

Registration forms are available HERE or at both of the church entrances.

Please place your completed forms in an envelope marked Faith Formation. Envelopes may be placed in the offertory basket, brought to the church office, or mailed.

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Your child will go back in time to the Wild, Wild West for a Wild Western Adventure Romp! They will enter a world of outlaws, cowboys, frontier games and even some wild animals. I hope many of the children join us on this spectacular adventure right here at St John Fisher Church! This will be an opportunity for kids to explore not only the thrilling Wild West, but also a way to discover a living spiritual relationship with Jesus and learn more about some Bible “outlaws” who chose to follow God and do what’s right. There will be Western themed games, crafts, activities, music and snacks It will be a week of ROOTIN’ TOOTIN” FUN !!!!

Date: August 6-9 Time: 9:00-noon  Where: St. John Fisher Church Hall

This camp is open to children entering grades 1-6  Cost is $25 per child


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