St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

The Triduum and Easter celebrations were prayerful and meaningful experiences for all who attended. Many thanks to all those individuals who helped make this possible: The Worship Choir, Teen Praise Choir, Decorating Committee, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Greeters. Your participation reflected many blessings and gifts from God, and I thank you for sharing those gifts with your parish family.
I also want  to thank those who contributed memorial gifts for our Easter flowers. Because of your generosity, our church "bloomed" with the promise of our Risen Lord.  Your deceased loved ones were remembered at our Easter Sunday Masses.
Many thanks,
Father Sas

Home! Think of that word and its uses. Home Free. E.T., phone home!  “I’ll be home for Christmas.” Home is where the heart is.

Ideally, home is a place of safety and acceptance. A place where we discover who we are, or can be who we are, without the pressure of having to prove ourselves or be judged in the same way we are at school or at work or even sometimes at play; a place where we do things and help out not for reward or to gain love but because we belong. A place where the routine of daily life and mealtimes and

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Because of his afflictionLENTEN SCRIPTURE PROGRAM

Wednesday, March 13, 7-8 pm
Presented by Father Sas

Who was the Suffering Servant? Was he the prophet speaking about him/herself? Was he a prophet from the past or from the future? Was the Servant an idealized type of Israel? Was he only a mysterious figure meant to keep the People of God guessing or hoping for his arrival?

Find out on March 13.

In preparation, read Isaiah 40-55 completely, preferably at one sitting. Bring a Bible on the 13th.

pastors deskI like Lent.  Really, I do.  Why would I say something so strange?

First of all, because everybody gets on board to try to make their lives better. Something about a common effort to improve shows us that being Church is a team effort. We are not Lone Rangers but a community. We challenge each other; we support each other. We are on this journey to Easter together, even on Sundays—no free days allowed. Why? Because it has been shown that it takes at least 30 consecutive days to make something a habit, a normal way of acting.

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I just heard a talk during which a question was asked: “Why don’t people go to ‘confession’ 1  anymore?”

First of all, is it true? I think it is. I remember hearing confessions for an hour straight almost every Saturday when I was first ordained. Now, it may have been the tradition of that particular parish to go to regular confession, but I noticed the number of confessions have been drastically reduced over the last 37+ years. In fact, on some Saturdays, I read a spiritual book or pray the Breviary uninterrupted. It leads me to suspect that there is little or no sin in Marlborough and in the other parishes I have been recently stationed!

Why has “confession” fallen so out of favor?

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Who could have guessed the Messiah would come from a little town like Bethlehem by way of another insignificant town, Nazareth? Who would have expected a teenaged, unmarried girl would conceive the Savior of the world? Who would hazard a guess that an elderly, barren woman would finally give birth to a son who would be filled with the Holy Spirit and announce the coming Messiah? Who knew?

Our God is still the God of the unexpected and surprises.

We only have to open our eyes and hearts to see and receive them.

4th Sunday of Advent, Year C

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