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The disciples were huddled in an upper room, fearful of those who put to death Jesus, their Master. But one was missing, Thomas. Why wasn't he there? Where was he?
Maybe he couldn't stand the atmosphere of worry and fear. Maybe he had to be alone with his grief.
He had to get out!

Where did he go? I imagine he furtively made his way around Jerusalem, visiting all the places that
he had been with Jesus, re-living every memory of what Jesus said and did, overcome with sorrow and
anger over what might have been.
But, he missed Jesus' living presence in the presence of the community of disciples. He was
looking for Jesus in all the wrong places.
We also need community to find Jesus when we can't find Him on our own or to strengthen our belief
in Him when He is in danger of becoming only a memory.
Last week, I found Jesus in our community. It was during the veneration of the Cross on Good
Friday. Since I was first in line, I had the opportunity to watch every one else approach the
Cross. Some knelt before it; some genuflected; others kissed it; others touched it; some even
cried. But all were respectful, filled with faith; and, as a result, you strengthened my own faith.

We can't find Jesus alone, or only with the greatest difficulty. That's the lesson Thomas, our
twin, teaches us today. We need each other. While we're not the ideal community that Luke presents
in The Acts of the Apostle's, we're all we've got. We truly need each other.

-Fr. Sas, April 27 Homily 
2nd Sunday of Easter, Year A

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30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough CT

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