St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

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"Who do the crowds say that I am?"
"But you, who do you say that I am?"

After solitary prayer, Jesus returns to his disciples and asks these questions. He must have already heard rumors as to who the crowd thought he was. He also had a pretty good idea as to his true identity.

He received the answers he expected from "the crowd, the others." He joyfully accepted Peter's response about being "the Christ of God," albeit with a warning of coming events involving suffering, rejection, and death.


His identity, forged in prayer, revealed to and through Peter, was confirmed.

After time spent in prayer and communion with our God, we too can ask those same two questions of others and also of those closest to us, not about Jesus-but ourselves.

♦ What kind of answer would the crowd, the others give to us?
♦ What kind of answer would our spouse, children, or close friends give to us?
♦ What type of identity would our actions and words reveal us to be?

Fr. Sas, Homily from June 23
12th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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TENEBRAE, worship in shadows service

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 7:00 P.M.

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough CT

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