St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

Well, this is a big day, isn’t it? You are going to receive Jesus in a special way today. Now, let us look at each letter of the word “bread” because it can help us remember some important things about this sacrament. B stands for believe. We believe that the host becomes the body of Jesus in a mysterious way that has a fancy name attached to it called transubstantiation. Don’t worry! There will not be a quiz afterwards, at least not for you, but maybe for the grownups here. There is a saying, seeing is believing, but in this case believing is seeing because we see through the eyes of faith. R and E go together. Receive the Holy Eucharist every time you come to Mass. And A and D go together as well. They stand for receive the Eucharist always devoutly. That means don’t treat it as normal food. Approach the altar reverently, not as if you are in line for popcorn at a movie. Think about whom you are receiving instead of what you are receiving. Don’t shuffle along, looking bored. Sometimes older people get so used to receiving communion, it becomes a matter of habit; and, they sometimes forget what a great gift God is giving them. Don’t let that happen to you. Let’s review what BREAD stands for: Believe, receive every time, always devoutly. A word of congratulations is due for the parents of these children. You have shepherded them through three sacraments: Baptism, Reconciliation, and now Eucharist. Although Baptism is received only once, it constantly must be renewed and reaffirmed. Reconciliation, a celebration of God’s mercy and the forgiveness of sins, can be received as often as needed, and not just for major sins. Little sins, allowed to pile up, can slow our journey to God. Think of a snowstorm. It’s made up of tiny individual flakes that can slow or even stop traffic when there are enough of them. Eucharist is God’s help for us to strengthen and nourish our faith. Make it a priority to receive it often, if not every week. Coming to be with a faith community is another way we strengthen one another in believing. We really need each other especially in these times when our faith in God is attacked or looked down upon as superstition. And a final word to the children: You have my permission to nag your parents about coming to church.

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